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The SignalEyes Infrastructure is ready to roll: Monitoring NL is on!

NEO has the pleasure to announce that, as the first company on the planet, we initiated the monitoring of all buildings, trees, water courses, roads and railroads, crop parcels and other terrains in an entire country with unmatched quality and speed.

As of April 2020, our SignalEyes infrastructure is at a level where the activity starts for the entire Netherlands territory. With five national Open Data coverages of Superview 50cm imagery per year, other Open Satellite Images and Open Aerial Photographs we have started to monitor all crop parcels on geometry and crop development. From May 15 onwards we will monitor the 150 million trees currently in our database. During the rest of the year we will add water courses, roads, railroads, buildings and other terrain elements as well as smaller elements as solar panels, asbestos roofs, riparian vegetation, etc.

For all these objects we will signal the changes we can observe from above. In SignalEyes we translate these changes into Calls-to-Action for our customers in agribusiness, management of infrastructure and environment and map updating. With these Calls-to-Action we help to increase efficiency and reduce cost, spills and frustration for professionals working in these areas. Examples of SignalEyes services are:

  • Tree cutting is monitored on a national scale for individual trees in the framework of nature protection law enforcement but also for urban trees.
  • The removal of asbestos roofs and the placement of solar panels (on roofs and beyond) is monitored on behalf of environmental inspectors, contractors, energy transition planners, etc.
  • Changes are signalled for the national crop parcel map (REF), and as pilot activity for the large scale base map (BGT), the building registration (BAG) and the real estate tax register (WOZ) and converted into mapping instructions used by numerous parties updating these registrations;

Are you interested to know more about SignalEyes and Monitor-NL, please contact our account managers at info@neo.nl

or +31-33-2100700.