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SignalEyes for Actionable Insights

A clear view on change

 SignalEyes is NEO’s system to signal changes and provide  ‘actionable insights’ to customers. In 2020 we started monitoring changes in all buildings, roads, water courses, parcels, yards, trees, etc. in The Netherlands.

This system is the motor for most of the services we provide in Holland. And will provide in other countries soon.  SignalEyes is a unique sytem in which earth observation, crowd sources and Open Data are assimilated. With the AI-based patented infrastructure we monitor objects with unmatched completeness and correctness. We do this with intervals of a few months and deliver within a few days of data acquisition.

Currently we have only developed a limited number of SignalEyes services. However there are many more services that may be developed using the SignalEyes infrastructure. We want to work together with you to  develop more of these services and serve you or your customer’s needs. So, please contact Steven Braakman for more information or use the contact form.

Afbeelding SignalEyes leidt tot Actie​